Banner Ad Info & Pricing

Banner ad pricing is subject to change. Current prices are monthly:
  • Home page - $50
  • Discussion pages - $50
  • Auctions, Competitions, Information, & Classifieds pages - $50
  • All of - $150
  • Banners must be 468 x 60 pixels in size and should be no more than 20kb. If you have a banner already developed in an electronic format that meets these requirements we can quickly start your banner running on our homepage!

    If you do not have a banner ad and would like us to design one for you, we charge $25 for each static image of a banner (does not include any logo design). If an animated banner is desired, the price will be $25 times the number of static images required to create the animation in the banner.

    If you are interested in finding out more about banner ads on or would like to contact us about pricing an animated banner, please fill out the form below.

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