When first getting started in the elk business, one option is to purchase animals and board them until you build a perimeter fence and a handling facility. Most ranches will hold your newly purchased animals for a certain period, but you need to make arrangements for this during the time of purchase.

Another option is to have your purchase of elk on an investment only basis and to board the animals full time with someone else. This allows you more free time because you do not have to build fence, build a handling facility, feed the animals, possibly purchase land, structures, etc... For this reason, investing is quite popular, with still very good returns.

There are many ranches around the North American Continent that will board animals for individuals. Here are a few:


Anta Grande ELK Ranch, Del Norte
Elk & Bison Co.
Elk Echo Ranch, Stoneham
Gann's Black Canyon Elk Ranch, Montrose
Holman Elk Ranch, Montrose
Thunder Valley Elk Ranch


Valley View Elk Ranch, Menomonie



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