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Message Title: I-143 Ruling
Author: JPerkins  Posted: 10\01\2003 18:16
Location: Colo
The real question you need to be asking is "Is America still a free society?"

We are supposed to accept people of diverse backgrounds and differing views. Does this apply to hard-working agricultural people or only gays?

How much property do you own or do you believe solely in the Socialist program?

Do you have a job and contribute your fair share or do you live off the government welfare system (federal or state employee)?

Are you intellectually challenged or do you not know the whole CWD problem was caused by a wildlife agency?

There were 273 positive CWD cases in Colorado's wild population in 2002. None in the domestic herd! It's also in Wy, Utah, and NM with never a farm in those states having a case of CWD. If you are so damn wise, figure out where the real problem is and make them accountable!

Jerry Perkins