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Message Title: I-143 Ruling
Author: steve  Posted: 10\03\2003 04:34
Location: ny
if only we could get these people to put this much effort into murderers, rapist, drug dealers and child molesters. oh i forgot they have rights. my bad

what is the matter with people these days, i don't get it. there is so much bad in this world and some people spend so much time worring about the little stuff.

get over it, i can't believe this is the best issue that you can think of to put this much time and effort into. so next time a drunk driver hits and kills a family, or someone rapes someone while he is on parole for rape, the next killing,the next child gets kidnapped I want to thank all of you. cause while you are fighting the system on the big bad game farmers(bloody criminals) people are out doing some serious crimes and getting off.

and from the bottom of my heart, i say pitty on all of you.