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Message Title: I-143 Ruling
Author: JPerkins  Posted: 10\03\2003 08:43
Location: Colo
Mr Wise,

The one comment that you made that struck a cord with me was "the public has a right to protect their wildlife"

You being so wise I'm sure you have the Bible memorized, so refresh yourself on Psalm 50: 10-12 and see what you & the judge really own.

The rest of us had better get a wake-up call if you want any freedoms left. This country has to re-eastablish itself on the principles upon which it was formed or it is doomed.

When, and only when, that happens will politicians, judges, and these fruitcake factions of people that are contributing to the moral decay of this country's basic foundation be stopped. You have to get involved!

PETA bought 240 shares of Tyson Foods recently in order to voice their objection at annual meetings to the inhumane ways chickens are treated. PETA and other questionable causes buy politicians and votes. They are legalized terriorists. We have to wake up.

The Montana judge and Mr Wise wouldn't had the courage to make rulings/comments that a landowner (none of us are owners only tenants, Leviticus 25:23)has no rights a few years ago. Or, that we have no right to own livestock. Both would have become a part of nature's plan to replenish the organic matter on Earth.

90+ percent of Americans believes in the freedoms upon which this country was founded. It's time for us to tell judges, politicians, and fringe idiots how we want this country operated. Start Today!

Have yourself a great day Mr Wise, for your days are numbered!

Jerry Perkins