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Message Title: Desperate Times...
Author: 4estWise  Posted: 10\10\2003 20:47
Add this to growing list of herds starving, released, or destroyed...

(Source — CBC October 10, 2003)

Drought-stricken breeder kills 230 elk

REGINA   - A Saskatchewan elk breeder has killed 230 of his elk because he says he just could not afford to keep the animals.

Warren Ziolkowski says the elk industry has been hit hard over the years with chronic wasting disease in the late 90s and the border being closed to its biggest market four years ago.

Last year's drought was the final blow. Ziolkowski says he had no choice but to kill his elk.

"It's just strictly a business decision and it might take awhile for us to get over parting with these animals, but that's the same for any other livestock person," says Ziolkowski.

Ziolkowski says he wants to stay in the business, but it is a constant struggle to keep afloat.