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Message Title: Desperate Times...
Author: 4estWise  Posted: 10\11\2003 19:03

Examples like the dairy farmers shooting a cow in front of cameras simply do not compare: For starters, a single cow shot in protest is hardly the same as having entire herds starving to death, turned loose, or, as in this case, simply destroyed.

The differences between traditional agriculture (like beef, dairy, pork, etc.) and the so-called 'alternatives,' (game farms) are enormous, extending, from the realities of markets to environmental impacts and social acceptance.

The sad reality is that, in every single category, game farmers are facing a future that is not just bleak, it's hopeless... rather than having massive, well-established and accepted markets with broad public support (as in traditional ag), game farm markets are miniscule, saturated, and show only perpetual deficits.

Moreover, very real and costly damage and continuing threats to public wildlife (diseases, parasites, etc.) underlie massive opposition—from wildlife scientists, wildlife/hunting organizations, and from the general public. The industry faces fundamental rejection of both its products and practices. (Seriously, exactly which product/practice do you think the public will accept at all, let alone being worth the risk/cost to public wildlife and wildlife economies? Velvet for aphrodisiacs and folk-lore remedies? Live targets for penned shoots?)

Finally, and perhaps the greatest tragedy, is that governments were repeatedly warned about all of it, but, because of a combination of negligence and corruption, promoted it anyway! Theirs is the real crime!