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Message Title: Desperate Times...
Author: antler333  Posted: 10\12\2003 15:42
Location: CO
Your pooping in the neighbor's yard again. Shoo away you mangy beast, lest someone pepper your matted behind.

Respect for other people's lives and livelyhoods will earn you more credance than blathering a poorly informed rabid wildlife party line. Take some time to learn about BOTH sides of this issue and maybe you'll see some light!

Domestic Herds are NOT dying of disease, they are dying of the regulatory mismanagment by govt agencies and in particular wildlife officials (the ones you kissass with so much). The free market and the wildlife were doing just fine until the government interfeared with research and overblown disease worries and has now prevented FREE TRADE both of wild and domestic animals. Right now, Wildlife is carrying the diseases and hence FARMERS ARE AT RISK! AT least we test our critters, DO THEY?

If the CO division of Wildlife had not perhaps created and certainly spread CWD (very well documented) it would not be the problem farmers now face. Plain and simple, The worry about CWD has led to STUPID regulations that DO NOT follow the facts. You obviously do not know much about the subject you espouse. Read and learn senior....

"Velvet for aphrodisiacs and folk-lore remedies"
Here again, You are grossly uninformed. Cervid velvet is the SECOND most common ingredient in oriental medicinal remedies....after gensing...heard of that have you? There are what 3 BILLION chinese people....they cant be all could they. Are you dissing their medical profession? 100's of thousands of pounds of velvet are shipped to ASIA every year! New Zealand's economy with several million cervids is quite successful and well advanced in cervid management and economics. You need to study up a bit, dear sir.

Hunting preserves are here because the CONSUMER will pay for the privledge of taking a good trophy animal ....but even that is really no different than harvesting meat, meat that can hide in the woods. Do you eat meat? Ever been to a slaughter plant? probably not..... Elk meat still ranks high on the people's list. That's sort of why they go hunting huh!

Any way, your notions are factually bankrupt and most certainly defile the free market where any entrepreneur can lose of make money as his choice. The markets will decide if a farmer stays in business or not.

So control yourself and please keep your ignorance confined to your own backyard where it belongs.