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Message Title: Desperate Times...
Author: Alfalfa  Posted: 10\13\2003 05:43
Location: IA
What makes me sick is the Elk industry has tried to be proactive in being desease free. We have the most tested animal in the world for desease other than lab rats, and yet someone came up with the scare of CWD as mainly a scare tactic to shut down some of our markets and we are turned into the bad guy.
A year ago you could take an exotic African type bovine from Canada to the USA across 4 or 5 state lines through a sale with only a health paper. If you did that with Elk you would need to draw about a pint of blood on 6 different days, be in quarantine for 180 days. Do surgery to take out part of the brain stem and have an act of God and both Governments to get an animal here from Canada.
General livestock travels all over the country with health papers signed by vets that are busy that never look in the trailer. Nose to nose contact with other animals at shows and sales. I look back at what we used to do at sales to keep certain animals seperate because they were a different test year. Kind of makes me think of the Vanilla Pepsi commercial. Dance monkeys dance.
I am usually wrong, but as much as we have done to promote health in Elk and we are still the bad guy. As much as I have tested to know that my Elk are clean I worry more about those beef cows next door. That's why I have 20 feet of buffer between his property and mine.
My opinion is, there are other industries that are scared by our presence in the meat industry and if we aren't shut down quick we are going to start stealing some real high end markets.
It has been general knowledge amoung ranchers out west that CWD has been around since 1930 or 40. You just deal with it and hope it isn't found too close to your ranch.
Someone has pretty much shut down the Elk industry with this, Sky is falling attitude about CWD. Either come buy me out or quit quarantining the industry for something I don't have.
Mad cow is out there scapie and west nile in horses. These animals still travel freely all over the country everday with that health paper.
There it is out. I'm sorry I blew up.