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Message Title: Desperate Times...
Author: Gary Q  Posted: 10\13\2003 08:48
Location: ID
HMMMMMMM.... well I'd say that the "public" is VERY receptive to the FACTS mr UNwise.... I talk to hundreds of people each week that stop in to view our "penned" elk (and by the way..MOST are sportsmen/women) the reason they usually stop by is to buy a steak and/or some EVA (which by the way has many VIABLE health benny's)and not as you prescribe either... they usually like it for it's stamina building quality so they can chase that wild bull! And then there are those that are truely handicapped that stop by to see if maybe they can buy a bull to harvest, since they have no real options in the public sector. So before you screw yer cap on to go outside today, ask yourself this, "who do I really want to serve today, MYSELF? or maybe I can do something useful for my neighbor! Like consider HIS rights and convictions!" HMMMMMMMMM..