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Message Title: Politics
Author: J. Harrington  Posted: 10\23\2003 13:34
Location: CO
We need a federal CWD surveillance program ASAP. States like New Mexico and Utah then will not be able to arbitrarily set standards that can adversely affect elk breeders who are at risk because of the wild herds. For example, I have been monitoring my herd for 5+ years and still not able to move elk to Utah and NM because they have found CWD in NW Colorado wild herds. No new cases of CWD in Colorado domestic elk for two years now, but elk breeders are being discriminated because of the damages done by the Colorado Division of Wildlife in the wild herds of deer and elk.

Also, a federal program will help the velvet market, particularly, the Korean market. Remember, our industry was originally built on a strong velvet market and could possibly be SAVED by a strong velvet market. Love that velvet!!!!!

Good luck to you all. Who all is going to D.C.?