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Message Title: A hidden TSE Agenda
Author: Bob A  Posted: 11\01\2003 20:07
Location: AB.
With few exceptions, politicians rarely do what is right, only what is best for their re-election. What do they have to gain by supporting a small industry or group like elk ranchers? Bureaucrats suckhole and tow the line knowing full well where their paychecks come from. Those who don't, languish in a dark office fading into oblivion and/or get the boot. I've seen it first hand.
Good example, in Alberta we had one CWD positive elk. Politicians were basically mute to our plight and offered no support or defence to elk producers for the B.S. hype by media and wildlife "experts" that went on for months. However, when BSE appeared in cattle, the agriculture minister and premier were in panic mode, bent over backwards supporting and defending the beef industry. There were interviews with the media at least daily on "factual" information to keep then up to speed and inform the public of the truths. After all, Klein said repeatedly that this was only ONE animal confirmed with BSE and we should not get overly excited.
The difference is that the beef industry is big business in Alberta and has lots of political clout and votes while elk ranching is politically inconsequential.