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Message Title: NAEBA mags
Author: henry  Posted: 02\04\2004 12:34
Location: usa
NAEBA thanks you for your contribution towards their huge indebtiness. And its beyond your imagination! NAEBA needs a Financial Secretary or Comtroller for their finances. A board of (a bunch) and Exec. Secretary has NOT been the answer to financial responsibilty in the past. Wheather its been embeezlement or a total lack of responsibility or communication, and if it would have happened in any other organization, liabile reponsibilities would have been presued.
While NAEBA certainly needs to communicate to its members and past members, there certainly are more economical methods. And NAEBA needs to communicate with ALL in order to remain a viable responsibile organization, to regain it status within the business world, to retain its present membership, and to get its ex-members back into the fold of the organization.
If NAEBA can only support a registry program and 2 staff members, that is the place to start. Magazines, competitions, conventions, polictics, etc. are necessary areas of concern that require investments and should show a better than breakeven return. Maybe one key word would be FOCUS! Maybe focus on one key area and do it well before focussing on another.
Yes, its easy to look back (20/20) and to look IN from the outside (or sidelines). But you insiders need to focus very sharply!