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Message Title: growing velvet
Author: JDW  Posted: 02\11\2004 21:12
Guess I've never believed in feeding bulls alot of supplemental grain, both from an economical and long term health of the bull standpoint. Currently feed a mix of soybean hulls and corn gluten plus mineral at about 5# per day, plus a free choice big bale that's medium quality. I add a few beats of better quality hay to the big bale each day during winter only. Now maybe I'm not maximizing their potential, but had a 3 yr. old last yr. that I cut in hard velvet as an 8 by 8 that weighed 33# before draining out some blood and stripping off the velvet, and it still weighs about 30 and will score in the 360's, after scoring 284 the year before. Had 3 2 yr. olds last yr., 2 scored in the 270's and the other about 250, and only have 9 bulls altogether so I think they're doing OK without breaking the budget. Noticed on a simular discussion on about feeding whitetails, that many are spending more money per day on an animal 1/3 the size of elk than I am on our elk.
Know of alot of competition bulls ruined or that died early because of excessive feeding, in my opinion. Maybe I'd feel different if velvet was $50 per pound.