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Message Title: Some Elk History
Author: John Johnson  Posted: 02\16\2004 23:39
Location: MN
A friend of mine whom works at the local Historical Society found the following news article in our local newspaper dated February 25, 1926:

TITLE: Ship 400 elk thru Wadena

Record Shipment Made in Ten Special Cars With Tourist Comforts

Wondering what it was all about, a herd of 400 elk, which less than a week ago were roaming the prairies of Montana, passed through Wadena Sunday on the Northern Pacific, in specially equipped baggage cars, on the second lap of a 2,700 mile journey to Middleboro, Mass., where they will be placed in a private game preserve.

The elk were purchased from the government by the Elk Breeding and Grazing Association some time ago. Friday they were rounded up from their peaceful pursuits on the National Bison range near Missoula and driven to Moiese, Mont., where they were driven abroad the special train of 10 cars and started on their trans-continental journey.

Each car on the train had been prepared to provide the elk with all the luxuries of the tourist. Each car was divided into four compartments and ten elk placed in each compartment. Tuesday they arrived at their new home in Middleboro, after their novel experience. Another shipment of 220 elk will be made early in March, railroad officials say. Percy R. Jones, President of the company which purchased them, and Maurice A. Jones, Treasurer, accompanied the shipment.

The animals' horns were sawed off, their cars were steam heated and electric lighted and the car floors were shorn of the usual stripping lest the small feet of the elk get caught. The lights were kept burning because the elk were said to be tamer in the light than dark.

The elk are part of the offspring of the original herd of three dozen which the government range was stocked with twenty years ago, when it was feared the species might become extinct. The range no longer has sufficient room for the entire herd.
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Wow, this is 78 years ago! Anyone else have earlier attempts of game farming?