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Message Title: URGENT
Author: Mike Kilpatrick  Posted: 01\04\2007 13:49
Thank you Dave for all your efforts to try to get as many pro industry comments as possible . We can only hope that the producers have done their part and had their voice heard . The Oregon wildlife agency is at it again and they're pushing double fencing . They have partnered up with humane society and other similar groups which I find interesting . Oregon as you may know has the largest fenced elk farm that I know of . They have about 25,000 acres fenced and about a thousand captive elk which are run by the Oregon wildlife agency and the U.S. forest service. They do not believe they are subject to any of the rules because it is a "research" herd. They had an animal test positive to tuberculosis but decided that either the test was inaccurate or their animal was too valuable to put down and necropsy because it was a research animal.

Keep on plugging away . We are right and they are government servants that are supposedly working for us. MK