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Message Title: Filter removes prions from blood
Author: McDonnell  Posted: 01\09\2007 09:39
Location: NE
Vet Sciences (1/9/07) reported Robert Rohwer of the VA Medical Center (Baltimore Maryland) has made a "P-Capt" filter that removes normal and abnormal prions from human and hamster blood. He found a compound (L-13) that has a high afinnity for prions. When blood is passed near the L-13, it grabs on to the prion. With unfiltered blood injected into hamsters, 15% of the hamsters developed prion disease. When filtered blood was injected, no deaths from prion disease was reported. The Red Cross hopes to be using this process in the UK by fall. (Hopefully FDA will put it a fast track). This should remove the fear of vCJD in the blood supply.