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Message Title: inconsiderate producers
Author: L  Posted: 01\16\2007 18:53
Location: SD
Over the past month I have responded to at least 10 ads on ( I have sent a follow-up email to several of the ads also) looking to buy elk and only one producer has had the courtisy to answer me back one way or another. We are looking to sell our herd because of health reason of one of our partners so I have responded to ads looking for anything from elk calves, cows to bulls and only one guy answered me back saying we were to far away for him (I totally understand that). However, I do not understand other producers not not answering at all. How hard is it to send a quick note to say if you are interested or not. It is poor business practice not to answer an email when one is sent and this does not reflect will on these producers or the industry in general. It almost makes me ashamed to say I am an elk producer.