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Message Title: High Risk Elk Restoration Projects
Author: JDW  Posted: 01\28\2007 07:15
So here's a herd that once upon a time had a history of TB in it's herd, has a fence less than 8' tall that has common ingress and egress of cervids over its fence, has known CWD in the wild about 100 miles away, has never whole herd tested for anything, has death loss that is never found, let alone tested, is overpopulated with cervids, including mule deer, partly since it doesn't allow hunting and has a lack of any predation, and has stated because of this lack of any predation the main way the moose population is controlled inside is by disease, and since it's overpopulated is willing to give some genetically poor quality elk away down to the States into one of the few regions left that is still a long way away from any known CWD. How brilliant and charitable. Could be the final piece to the CWD puzzle; terrorist could hardly plan more strategically if the goal was to get CWD spread across the continental 48.
Wait a minute, almost forgot, maybe, we're not sure, but maybe Elk Island also had a history of brucellosis in the herd way back when, hey TWRA, maybe you will get some bang for your buck, I mean Bull. How about the brain worm, might as well go for the quad play, is it menigeal?, you know, where the recipients wander around aimlessly before dropping, wait, actually think the TWRA might already be infected with that.