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Message Title: High Risk Elk Restoration Projects
Author: Autry  Posted: 01\28\2007 14:20
Location: TN

That sums it up very well!


I have done about all that I can do. I have spent every spare minute for the last 2 months making hundreds of phone calls, over 1000 emails, contacted TV stations, newspapers, politicians, government agencies and while it has help slow this illegal importation down, it has not stopped it.

At this point, I think our last chance to put a stop to this importation is to hire an attorney and get an emergency injunction. I was hoping that it would not come to this but it has.

There is not much time left but if there is an interest out there who wants to tackle this issue, I am willing to put up the first $300.00 to be used for an attorney to get this started.