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Message Title: Typical 4 year old score?
Author: JDW  Posted: 01\30\2007 15:54
You did predict the 600 elk, and the 400 deer, probally just a year or 2 before it happened, so I'm a little worried, but you know, down here in Illinois, we can just about grow $50 worth of corn in our driveways.
Actually a Rams fan, but have lots of good friends who are Bear and Cub fans, who weren't exactly pulling for my Redbirds last fall. I hold grudges. Even so, have been debating who to be for. I like Manning, I don't like the Tank, I like offense, but respect good defense, gotta like Urlacher, which Rex shows up, is Peyton's thumb OK..... ............Colts 24 Bears I'm out on a limb, and it's very windy.