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Message Title: Typical 4 year old score?
Author: JDW  Posted: 01\31\2007 20:22
I posted a picture of Samurai on of his 2006 growth a few months ago, might of sent you a picture of him also, Ross. He scored higher yet, maybe in the 550 range, but he would of been a NT bull in 06. So 517 in 05, guess I've already loss my initial foray into online gambling. Well, the pH in the driveway is surely high enough. Will just need to come up with an alternative route to the house.
Wonder which bull might score 500 typical in 07 that Ray was referring to. Homer's 06 picture looks pretty clean, quite a contrast from his 601 rack that had almost 200" NT, but is his latest rack less than 5% NT, can't really tell from the recent picture in the journal. How about JKP Apache, he might have 70" beams by now, Rascal?, guess Rays right,one way to find out, go to the competition to see.