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Message Title: Pro-Active Legislation
Author: NYDEFA  Posted: 05\08\2009 15:04
Location: New York
Introduction of NYDEFA Pro-active Legislation is on the books! For the first time ever, our end markets have the potential of having legitimacy granted to us by our state legislators with NYS Assembly Bill A07223 and New York State Senate Bill S5438!

Through the team effort of Dave Vanderzee-NYDEFA President, Darren LaSorte-NRA Hunting Policy, Shawn Schafer-NADeFA, Jack Victory and Amanda Hill-Capitol Hill Consulting, universal language was crafted that all states can use as a model for their states’ legislation presentation. This ‘model legislation’ is the pro-active ground work for individual states to protect rights of their cervid farmers. This uniform legislation is very important and now more than ever, we need this legislation in every state!

For more information contact our Executive Director, Pati Vacanti, at 716-685-4019 to help insure the protection of your rights in your state. Stay informed of New York’s progress, events, advancements by visiting our website at