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Message Title: TUEFA Antler Competition
Author: TUEFA  Posted: 05\12\2009 15:13
Location: MO
The United Elk Farmers Association
PO Box 28303-Gladstone, MO 64188-0303
Office Phone: (816) 463-3353
Fax: (816) 841-4871

May 11, 2009

The United Elk Farmers Association will be hosting its 1st Annual Antler Competition & Social Gathering, at the home of Ted and Jill Winters of Boulder Valley Elk Ranch in Rome, Ohio, on July 24th & 25th. We would like to invite all elk enthusiasts to the two day event which promises to be action packed, fun and interesting. Here will be an opportunity to view some of the highest scoring antlers in North America! Reacquaint yourselves with many of your industry friends who have joined TUEFA as well as scores of farmers and ranchers who are interested in, or are new to the elk industry.

The Event Registration form and the Antler Competition entry form will be on the website, The fee to attend is $25 per person before July 1, 2009 and $40 per person after July 1, 2009. We look forward to hearing from all of you.

The United Elk Farmers Association
Board of Directors and Volunteers
Ted Winters-President, Frank Keeton-Vice President, Bob Root-Secretary,
Tom Nevins-Treasurer, Director-Paul Braddock, Director-Rick Miller
Office Volunteers-Jonnie Boone & Mika Tyhurst

Schedule of Events
Antler check-in times begin on Friday, July 24th at 10 AM and will end on Saturday, July 25th at 10 AM.
• The antler entry fee is $100 for the 1st set and $50 for each additional set.
• Scoring will be available for antlers not entered at a fee of $50 per set.
• Bring your ugliest antler for a chance to win the “Ugliest Antler Award”

Friday, July 24th
6 pm – Social Hour
7 pm – Barbeque dinner
8 pm – Auction (animals & semen)

Saturday, July 25th
9 am – Coffee & donuts
10 am – Round Table, Production and marketing of the meat industry
12-Noon – Lunch
1 pm – Round Table, How to achieve breeding for a purpose
2 pm – Viewing of antlers and awards