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Message Title: sick elk cow
Author: Bob  Posted: 05\14\2009 07:05
Location: NY
A quick look at the use of that product, and it's side effects, will indicate for horses only, that is not to mean it will not work on Elk. This may be a ear problem, infection parasite???? I believe you should either get them darted, or in, what ever is best and have a vet check them out. We always use either Cydectin pour-on or Safe-Guard crumbles for parasite control. The pour on will help control outside pest like flies, ticks, and fleas, while controlling inside pest as well. It is hard to impossible to find a parasite control which is Elk specific, however Safe-Guard crumbles are recomemded for Zoo animals and do show a Cervid on the lable, I'm not saying that is how to judge a product for it's use, however it is an indication. Just my opinion