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Message Title: hunt bull prices / buyers
Author: scott   Posted: 05\26\2009 12:46
Location: MN
The hunt bull market needs to stay as it has for the last couple years, 360 bull should get the breeder $2500-$3000. The problems will happen if we the breeder take less for these bulls because it will be tough to get this price back once you take $1500 -$2000 on bulls like this. I know we all want to sell our bulls but if you get good money for 75% of what you grow out and do not cut the prices, in the long run every one is better off. this is a list of what I expect,
310-330 $ 1500-$1750
330- 350 $1850- $2500
350-375 $ 2500-$3000
375-385 $ 3000- $3500
385- 400 $ 4000-$4500
Broken, missing or miss placed tynes will also make a difference on price and,
most of the time the hauling will add $500 plus to these prices but this is where the market should be to the breeder. It is very important to have a plan even with low velvet prices. cutting the 2, 3, and some four year olds.