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Message Title: Swollen Pedicle
Author: NOT Autry the KNOW IT ALL!  Posted: 06\27\2009 12:50
Location: Smallmindedville
Sarcasm for Autry aside, just leave him alone. The vet told you to do something if it was soft, and nothing if it was hard, yet you did something. Doubt that it will hurt the bull but he probably just banged his head on your wire. Suggest you don't mess with him and leave him alone as these animals have a massive ability to work through such things on their own. And you should handle them as little as possible until the antlers are hard. Too many clowns in this business get full of themselves and handle bulls when they don't need to, and end up killing the bulls. Doubt that? Ask Mr. Keaton. He has killed more good bulls than anybody out there. Lastly, isnt it nice to see somebody other than Loud-Mouth-Autry answering a question? Quite refreshing really.