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Message Title: Swollen Pedicle
Author: S Doshier  Posted: 06\29\2009 17:04
Location: OK

Since it has been 20 days and there is still some growth going on that side it is probably best to just wait and see what happens this year and next.

I could not tell from your comments whether the swelling was actually in the pedicle (the knobby end of the antler that joins to the hair line) or the pedestal (the bone that come out of the skull and that the antler attaches to - this is really tall in most spikers and will get shorter as the bull gets older and the antlers get bigger).

If in the pedicle itself it will probably cause lasting damage - it is too soon to tell how much. I have knicked the pedicle when velveting and seen little damage the next year, I saw one guy actually saw into and take a chunk of the pedicle with the velvet and that was bad news for the rest of the bulls life. He grew a really ugly antler on that side until he became a butcher bull.

If it is in the pedistal the swelling might effect nerve or blood flow to the antler and that would slow down the growth this year but probably not have lasting effect unless it really developed a huge calcium scab on the pedistal, and that might not even have any effect next year. Hard to say.

I had a 2 year old one time that got caught out in a terrible hail storm and had damage to both early antler and pedistals. He grew a real "spaghetti" head that year and was normal, typical and symetrical every year after that.

These animals are amazing critters - hope it turns out the best for you.