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Message Title: Twins
Author: S Doshier  Posted: 07\01\2009 17:03
Location: OK
Been raising elk since 1984, Sam since 1972, and have calved out over 100 cows for the last 10 or so years. Have had 8 sets of twins - our first set only 1 survived, 6 of the sets both survived and the last set was born this year and both are looking good.

One of the sets was a result of AI breeding. AI conceptions do yield a higher percentage of twins, probably the way to prep them. Knew of 1 guy that had 19 sets of twins out of 22 cows one year. Don't think he stayed in the business.

I have heard that elk do not free-martin and have seen that evidence in my female calves - all have gone on to produce calves. However, only 1 male was ever a really superior animal himself and he was sort of a mediocre breeder when it came to percentage of calves born.

Anyway, twins are interesting to watch. I would make sure that the mom has plenty of high quality feed - it will take alot out of her. I have noticed that if the cow does not maintain, or at least recover, good body condition by August they will usually not breed back and end up skipping a year.