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Message Title: TURNIPS? MILLET?
Author: Ray  Posted: 04\14\2010 09:50
Location: IL
Turnips will work well. I tried them a few years ago. They are used alot in new zeland in the winter. If you look, a company named barenburg has several varieties for grazing. Some of the problems are, keeeping the animals from trampling too much. That is why in New Zealand with deer or elk or even cattle, electric fences are used and moved to expose just 2 or 3 feet of new grazing every couple of days.

Several other plants are in teh family brassica, and some produce more tops, instead of bulb, or others have longer growing seasons and can be used later in the season. One thing that I had seen, is that if the plants are less than knee high, then the elk won't eat them. It seems that the sugars change at a certain phase of the growth cycle and become highly palitiable.

Hope this helps,

Ray Favero