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Message Title: change forum
Author: Jack Schubarth  Posted: 04\22\2010 13:45
Location: Montana
Thanks for clearing up ownership of this site. But the question still remains to site owners. I thank the site owners for their efforts but this site can be better.

Back to the original reason for the post in the first place.

Why supply a posting site for Pakistan, London etc in the first place. How can this be changed to better this site? I would like this site to look good for people interested in elk?

My question was if this site is here why can't it be for people interested in elk and not all this other listing crap?

It seems the deer industry can supply a free site to people interested in deer without all these Pakistan listings.

My question was simple why can't this elk site be the same? It seems a simple log in and that you are a US person could stop all these listings.
Just my opinion as I said I just wanted the elk industry and this free site to look good.