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Message Title: Interesting Calving Discovery!
Author: Patsy  Posted: 06\03\2001 08:48
Location: CO
This year we put a camera in our infirmary stall where we put cows and newborn calves when they have been pulled. It is set up to a TV and VCR. This allows us to monitor the “mothering up” as well as the condition of both. As soon as they are deposited there, we watch to insure there is no aggression by the cow, and then leave for 4 hours or so with a tape running. After doing this with one of our heifers, we returned to see that though the calf had moved, the cow had obviously not touched him. He was a slimy mess! Before doing anything we watched the tape on fast forward and saw this little guy get up and practically chase his mom around for an hour! She finally stood for him to nurse even though she was not the least bit interested in him. We continued to tape their relationship the next day keeping them in the barn. She did not show any interest in him at all until about day 3. In spite of this he would “do” her till she stood to let him nurse. (I went in twice to make him “poop”.) This would have absolutely been a bottle baby in the past. Now she is back in the pasture with her calf and is a terrific mom.