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Message Title: enlarged calf tongues
Author: newfarmer  Posted: 06\04\2001 02:18
Location: mn
I have a question on two calves that I helped deliver today. The first cow started a normal delivery - two front feet coming the right way progressing to the front of the nose etc...she laid down and the next time she got up there was only one leg out and the head. Jesus, I got the cow and calf into the squeeze and delivered the calf. Total time from the front feet coming to delivery of the calf shy 2 hours. The calf was born alive but its tongue was enlarged terribly.
After giving it oxygen and trying to keep it alive it died. When I went outside to look at the first time heifers, my wife told me she was watching this one heifer who had a waterbag only for 2 hours. It was getting dark so I brought her into the barn. That was 10 p.m. I gave her some time to adjust (she's calm anyway), and waited for her to have her calf. About 10:30 there was about 2 inches of feet out. I gave her a couple of hours on her own to see if she was progressing. At 1:00 a.m. she was starting to do some serious pushing, so I gave her 30 more minutes. Seeing that there was no progress being made I decided to pull her calf too. The calf was born alive but it too had an enlarged tongue - making it hard to breath. My question is everyone has always told me to give them some time to do things themselves and not interfer - am I waiting too long and thats why the tongues are enlarged? Any help on this would be appreciated greatly.