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Message Title: enlarged calf tongues
Author: Steve  Posted: 06\04\2001 08:12
Location: mich
Newfarmer I have a question, what bull or bloodline of the bull did you use. Were the calves large, about how much did they weigh. I had some problems around here a couple years ago when I used a bull that I liked and he through me some beautiful large calves. We lost two that years and had to pull two others. If you can see the calfs tonge during the birthing watch the color real close,if it starts turning blue or dark or if you think its starting to swell then it is time to help. This year its only taking my cows heifers included less then 30 minutes from the time you see the front feet. Had one cow yesterday that goofed around eating a little to long. I heard her like squele and she went running for the woods with feet sticking out the back end [about 150yds away] she didn't make it, [50yds short] she laid down and about fifteen minutes later she had a heifer calf on the ground beside her. Less then ten later the calf was up and trying to keep ma from knocking her down with her tongue. There no set rule when you should help. If the cow hasn't made any headway with the calf for about 15min. we step in, but watch the calfs tongue real close, if you can see it. Hope this helps a little. If they were big calves watch the rest of your cows real close. Steve