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Message Title: enlarged calf tongues
Author: Steve  Posted: 06\04\2001 22:44
Location: mich
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I would think that if the calf tongue is swelled so much that it is hanging off to the side of its mouth you'd better at least get some clostrum in it by tube feeding. Be careful because if you have never done it you can put your tube into the wind pipe. NO GOOD; Iwouldn't pull the calf though because when the swelling goes down the calf will be able to suck. My brother had a beef calf here a couple years ago that was born when it was really cold out and the calf had better then two inch of its tongue freeze. He squirted milk into the calf mouth for about two days and when he was just about to give up the calf started sucking. Don't know how but it did, calf tongue never was right. I hope things work out for the little fellow. Steve