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Message Title: Dog takes bottle baby
Author: Kathy  Posted: 06\05\2001 11:20
Location: Colorado
We have our first bottle baby. We had to pull him because of a bad elbow lock. Same thing happened last year to the same cow. She's so tame that she lays down and we can pull the calf right in the field. Last year she was a heifer and she took the calf fine. This year she looked at him like he was an alien and stomped at him. We put them in a stall together in hopes she would bond but she tried to stomp him every time he tried to get up. We took him, milked her, and now he's doing fine at 10 days old (using Patsy Dyar's "Dorothy" schedule). We have 2 Belgian Sheepdogs who were very curious to meet the calf so we carefully introduced them. They both love "Merlin" and he loves them. He seems to think of them as his herd, as they lick his ears and give him kisses. They especially like taking care of his rear end, keeping the poop flowing and cleaning up afterwards! Merlin spends his days in the fenced yard, playing with the dogs (especially the 1 1/2 year old female, Hailey), or sleeping in the woods. When it's time for his feedings Hailey goes and finds him for me and helps take him to the barn at bedtime. If you have a loving dog I recommend giving them a chance at motherhood!