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Message Title: kiwi renegade calfs
Author: Tom May  Posted: 06\06\2001 01:56
Location: NZ
You will be really disappointed with your losses. I have been trying to work out what could have gone wrong. Did you have the Elk cows in the yards, in the weeks just prior to calving, as they can get knocked around and could have coused the calves to be born premature. Which could explain why they one only lived for a couple of days. Being rising first calvers the mums don't quite have the same female bonding to the calf. You mentioned in your personal email to me that you thought the cows had suffered from internal damage. I've been talking to my wife who is a midwife. She believes it takes a hell of a lot of trauma to cause internal damage. The fact that one of the calves and its mother both died, may mean some sought of infection was present. Did they have a difficult time calving? How do you know they have internal damage? AI with Kiwi Renegade semen has been very successful. No problems to date. I can guarrantee it won't be any thing to do with the semen. If there was a problem with the semen, conception would not have occurred, or the calf would not have reached full maturity.

We will endeavour to help you in any way we can!!

Cheers Tom May