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Message Title: Calf Head First
Author: Bud  Posted: 06\06\2001 07:17
Location: MN
Gail, I don't know for sure what could be the problem but let me tell you what I've experienced.
We had one cow that had both feet coming natural then the nose peeking through, and then the next time she got up there was one leg all the way and the head out. We immediatly got the cow into the squeeze and pulled the calf. The calf was born alive but it's tongue was very big. It died not being able to breath. We weighed the calf and it was 45 lbs. That was pretty big for the small cow she was. One guess I have for you is was she being chased by other mother cows? We had a 2nd time cow in with a group of first time heifers. She was so gentle thats why we put her there. Well, some of those first time heifers that came in got pretty protective. They chased her everywhere and she ended up aborting the calf - it only weighted 18 lbs. I thought our cows and heifers were in great shape this year, but let me tell you - they'll be in better shape for next year. We're having these big calves and I'd rather have a smaller one with no calf pulling involved. Sorry I can't help you any more. I haven't been doing this for long. Keep us posted.