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Message Title: Manual Chutes
Author: Paula  Posted: 06\06\2001 09:04
Location: NAEBA
It has been difficult to get articles for the NAEBA magazine about handling facilities. It would be preferable for the author to be completely objective and not connected to a company that sells facilities. But the article still could not refer to facilities by brand name.

The Elk Farming Handbook includes discussion on handling facilities and chutes, but it makes no specific recommendations on manual or hydraulic, other than to say that squeezes are an expensive investment but a boon to veterinarians, farmers, and animals, although such investment should reflect the scale and size of the operation.

It also says, "It can also be argued, for highly responsive, easily worked elk, the contact between the farmer and his animals--the mysterious "stockmanship"--should be encouraged from an early age. If it's not necessary to use squeezes, etc. for a task, then don't."