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Message Title: Manual Chutes
Author: Jerod  Posted: 06\06\2001 10:24
Location: MN
I have wondered how those manual tubs work myself. We bit the bullet and invested in an elk-Rite 2000 hydraulic chute right away. In fact we bought our entire handling system from them. It works wonderful. The manual squeeze is also useful for ai, or calf pulling. They sell an extension to their manual squeeze, but we took ours off as we found it was too difficult to squeeze smaller animals in, it wouldn't go tight enough. We run the hydraulic chute off of a 33 hp diesel tractor, not really enough hydraulics to run the chute fast enough. The bulls get smart and want to duck their head so the chute needs to move fast. we are trying to use a lead rope that we swing under their chin and it backs them up in the chute and by holding it tight helps keep their head up. If anybody else has better ideas they would be much appreciated. don't know if this helps much but appreciate the topic being brought up. We are learning more every time we work elk.