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Message Title: guidelines for bottle babies
Author: Dave  Posted: 06\06\2001 11:35
Location: MN
I need your help. I have read the article by Patsy Dyar on bottle feeding Dorothy, and I have looked up past years sites and questions regarding bottle feeding and I am still confused.
I have a three day old calf that I need to bottle feed. The first day I gave him 6 oz. of goat colostrum every 4 hours. Day 2 I gave him 8 oz. of goat colostrum every 4 hours. Day 3 I introduced him to a Purina Lamb Replacer 8 oz. every 4 hours. This morning I started him on 14 oz. of replacer and will feed every 3-4 hours. Each morning I give him a small amount of probiotic and iodine his cord. I'm scared to feed him all he wants per feeding and I know that he should probably need more. He can drink his 14 oz. in about 30 seconds. Should I be giving him more and taking the bottle away every few minutes to give him a break? Can I overfeed him if I let him drink all he wants? What happens if I feed him every three hours during the day and go 4 or 5 hours during the hours of midnight to 6?
For all those out there who have bottle feed their babies - what was your success rate of survival? Can he be in a small area - like one of the boxes in the handling facility or does a little guy need more room to rompus? Please! any advise is greatly need and appreciated!