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Message Title: guidelines for bottle babies
Author: Kathy  Posted: 06\06\2001 13:11
Location: Colorado
We have our first bottle baby (born 5/26) and he's doing great using Patsy's and my vet's recommendations. We only put iodine on his navel once, the day he was born. Yes, I think it's important to give them room to exercise. Our's roams the yard all day and goes to a stall at night. You need to encourage them to run around (give them permission like their mother would)-- our dogs help with that. I think the survival rate in very good if you really work at it the first week. Here's his feeding schedule:
Day 1: milked 40 cc colostrum from mother & gave with a syringe, then mixed up a whole container of Head Start colostrum which he finished between 5pm that night and 9am the next morning
Day 2: Started on formula (Patsy's)giving 16 oz every 3-4 hrs.
Day 3: Ate & played all day until 10pm bottle when he quit eating
Day 4: scours (usually happens with switch from colostrum to formula) started giving 15cc Kaopectate 2 times/day and 5cc MicroMax II Immediate Care Paste by Vita Flex (this is made for horses and contains microbials). Quit formula and started giving straight electrolytes in water (Entrolyte H.E.)as much as he wanted.
Day 5: Kept giving Koapectate and MicroMax and added 1/2 formula to the electrolyte water (32oz total)
Day 6: He's drinking 32 oz now because half is water - he has no temperature and is not dehydrated
Day 7-9: Scours are getting better and he's drinking 32oz of 1/2 & 1/2 mixture every 5hrs
Day 10: Stopped electrolytes, Kaopectate, and MicroMax because no scours. Drinks 32oz five times/day of 2/3 formula and 1/3 boiled water. Will gradually increase to full formula.