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Message Title: Spiker question
Author: Bob Ramsay  Posted: 06\07\2001 08:58
Location: Up-State New York

I used a spiker out of Jethro as one of my breeders two years ago. Just in case he did not do his job, I backed him up with a proven, older bull.

I had reason to be concerned as he showed no rut behavior of any kind. He did not interact with the cows in any way. He seemed to ignore them completely. I was sure he was gay or somethings!

Well, he bred every one of the cows that he was exposed to. Must have just been the shy type!

Regardless, it is always wise to back up a spiker with a proven, older bull.

Also, I would not try to get a spiker to breed with more than 7 cows.

Good luck!!