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Message Title: guidelines for bottle babies
Author: Patsy  Posted: 06\07\2001 09:08
Location: CO
I have raised 10 bottle babies with 100% success.
Most of my initial help on bottle feeding came from Dr. Haigh's book. It is great. A few important things to concider in reguard to your questions: Amounts of food depend on what you are feeding. Weigh your baby every day and keep track of weight gain. Mine have averaged 1 to 1.5lbs per day. Less when occasionaly off their feed.
I frequently let them go all night without a feeding. Naturally their moms let them go very long periods. BUT they are feeding better food!
I think it is really important for them to be on grass and dirt in a big enough area to stay clean. I have them in about a 3/4 acre yard. They need to eat dirt. This could go on forever! Good luck.