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Message Title: guidelines for bottle babies
Author: Kathy  Posted: 06\07\2001 14:44
Location: Colorado
I was just talking with Patsy Dyar and she suggested I should keep you updated on what I'm doing. First, the feeding amounts on Dr. Haig's chart were kind of low for my baby and for Patsy's. I fed him the maximum number of ounces right from the start and diluted it half with water when the loose stools started. When they firmed up I went to 1/3 water. He's now 12 days old and I've just increased him to 48oz, 5 times a day (1/3 of that is still water). He's always seemed still hungry after his feedings until today when I increased it again. He weighs 49lbs. You can tell a lot by just watching how eager they are to take the bottle (never force them) and if they stop before it's empty. They're good at telling you how much they want.