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Message Title: Grass Roots
Author: Sue Whittlesey  Posted: 06\07\2001 16:00
Location: CO
Dave Whittlesey and Steve Wolcott are planning on meeting with Senator Campbell of Colorado next week to discuss this issue in person. Senator Allard of Colorado is not going to be in our area real soon. I am having his office check on when he will be in Colorado next...maybe some front range elk breeders could come to that meeting. Colorado is blessed in that we have two Senators on the Senate Ag. of which is also a veterinarian!! We have also sent letters and I have followed them up with phone calls to their staff on this important issue...they all know Mrs. Whittlesey now! Please...everyone in Colorado write BOTH our senators ASAP...every letter puts us closer to our goal...and we cannot do it without you...just like 1994 in the state legislature...we need everyones help.