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Message Title: velvet competition help
Author: Jeff Cuthbertson  Posted: 06\07\2001 20:19
Location: MT
I just cut a 3 year old bull today who cut quite well. The questions I have are related to the look of his antlers. His trez tine split and the length of each of these points was around 4 inches long. Otherwise he was normal looking with the top being webbed.
1. Is this look a detriment in a competition?
2. Is the value of these antlers less when it comes time to sell?
3. Why would a bull do this? He cut this way at 2 yrs of age also. I have no other animals that have ever exhibited this quality and he as well as his last 2 generations have all tested pure. I have decided against using him as a breeder even though his velvet weights are great, because I don't like the looks of this antler.

Any ideas?

Jeff Cuthbertson