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Message Title: To DNA or Not to DNA
Author: Bob A.  Posted: 06\08\2001 01:40
Location: AB.
Send a blood sample off to SRC in Saskatchewan or hair to Davis. With the requirement of Canadians to now pay all NAEBA fees in U.S. funds it will now be advantageous to send blood to SRC. You can draw your own blood sample with a vacuum tube obtained from your local vet. There is a large vein on the side of the muzzle that you can draw blood from easily even on a calf with it in the squeeze.
We have a cow that has yet to calve at 260 days that was confirmed A.I. bred by ultrasound at 6 weeks. The fetus was seen. She now has a huge bag. Several years ago we had a cow that had a confirmed A.I. calf (Korean Gold) at 267 days. (DNA confirmed) The birth was complicated (upsidedown and posterior) which likely caused the late delivery. We have also had DNA confirmed backup calves as early as 261 days post A.I. The questionable births should always be DNA tested to confirm the Sire.