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Message Title: Elk Jerkey?????
Author: Sue Whittlesey  Posted: 06\09\2001 14:37
Location: CO
There is a federal law that states that you must put some domestic meat (3 or 5% I am not positive which)in any sort of processed meats that have preservatives. You can make a pure product if you don't put preservatives.
This law was written in the 1940s or so and they listed all the meats they thought people would use with preservatives. If anyone knows of anyone that sold elk meat with preservatives and can prove it prior to the enactment of this law, we might be able to get this changed...the bison people have been fighting with this for quite some time with no luck.
I have made pure bison jerky in the past but it must be kept frozen or refrigerate since it has no preservatives...I was even able to sell it like other frozen meats I sell without a problem. The issue here is preservatives.