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Message Title: Antler Genetics
Author: Bob Ramsay  Posted: 06\09\2001 21:32
Location: Up-State New York
My best 4 year old bull, is a Brutus 648 son, out of one of Pat Coopers better cows (a cow that has already thrown at least one herd sire for him).

My worst 4 year old bull, is also a Brutus 648 son, also out of one of Pat Coopers better cows (that has also thrown at least one herd sire for Pat).

I always thought this was funny, in a painful sort of way. Both have excellent genetics. One is an excellent bull. The other, a real stinker.

My "stinker" has previously grown antlers that would embarrass a two year old sika deer. At three, he only grew a brow tine and a long spike on one side, and an equally weak antler, with a trez tine on the other side.

I have been seriously considering eating him and I think he knows this as he has become amazingly friendly. Personally, I have trouble eating an animal that will eat out of my hand but, I am working on it.

Any way, this year, he looks as if he will grow antlers that are acceptable to an average 4 year old bull. Not only have his antlers improved, but they are all funky. Drop tines growing down at his ears, etc.

His feed program has not changed. Just his age.

Is this sort of thing common? What would cause the funky antlers???

Thoughts and ideas appreciated.